There’s no SU without U

Arguably the most important aspect of the SU isn’t the structure or their successes, but you. You, a student at OCAD, are a vital part of the SU, and without you, the SU can’t reach their full potential. You might be thinking, “Um, I’m pretty sure the actual members of the SU are more important than I am”, but we would challenge that. You ARE a member of the SU. Every student is.

Spooky 31st

It is that time of the year again. Tombs and bones and princesses and drones. For us commoners, it is a celebration of the undead and a time of scary sweetness. Our tale today is one of our age, cosplayers. Sometimes, more often than not, people see cosplay as a method of self-expression. Although this … Continue reading Spooky 31st