What IS Digital Futures Anyway?

What do you picture when you hear the words “digital future”?   Flying cars and jetpacks? Holograms and super computers? The term is ambiguous, describing impending developments in a field that encompasses many other fields. Technology and all that is digital has seeped into medicine, architecture, manufacturing, entertainment, and education. So, how can you define “digital … Continue reading What IS Digital Futures Anyway?


Are you curious about social issues and innovation, or about how art can be used to educate and offer solutions? Have you ever wondered how to wield a work of art like a tool, how to drive it forward with purpose?  Do you want to be drawn into an installation, and come out the other side … Continue reading OFF-Course

An Overlooked Resource

Every ten years there’s some drama or some crisis. As I was doing research on the school, every article seemed to start with the phrase “The recent drama at OCAD/OCA has abided and we’re looking to a new direction….”

Unwanted Advances

We’ve talked before. There are specific issues you want to address that emerged from others’ experiences and your own. As far as I remember, you’re also making work about them. Could you explain them, and how you plan to address them through your work? I’m currently working on my thesis project with a topic about … Continue reading Unwanted Advances

Course Selection Chaos

Course Availability Based on our sources, the most common courses that students have difficulty getting into are Science/Tech/Mathematics (SCTM) and Drawing & Painting (DRPT). The school recently opened up another section of Advanced Studio in the summer, which combats some of the concerns regarding Drawing & Painting courses. Insufficient course sections to accommodate student demand … Continue reading Course Selection Chaos