Mike’s Projects

Anthem: Javelin - Storm "So these are of a Javelin suit for the upcoming game Anthem (by BioWare). It featured armored digitigrade stilts,putting the wearer at about 7’5”. I was project manager and lead builder for this suit, but it was definitely a team effort so credit goes to Henchmen Studios as the actual company … Continue reading Mike’s Projects

Featured Work: Jessie Jihyun Lee

Jessie (Jihyun) Lee is a South Korean, Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist. Lee, a self-declared ‘soul healing’ artist, uses painting as a tool to actualize her visual window to heal her psychological wounds from external stimuli such as social pressure and media coverage, and furthermore, hope to share her healing methods with the audience. She utilizes … Continue reading Featured Work: Jessie Jihyun Lee