Ever wondered who’s behind the scenes of OCAD’s Magazine? 

Meet the team of our humble publication!

Founder/Co-Leader: Aira Minasyan

Heya! I am the Founder and Co-President of Chiaroscuro. I am in my third year of Industrial Design. This magazine began as an urge for a stronger OCAD community and a platform for students to self-express. Although the idea came to me during a very difficult time, it grew to become something that brings me pride and value in my life. There are many factors that make this magazine possible. On a daily basis, running this enterprise means managing eight teams and their progress, and although this is quite challenging at times, the possibilities ahead serve to fuel my motivation. There is so much diversity in our students and their work, and in that diversity there is boundless beauty and creativity that needs to be showcased to the world. I may be the founder, but together we have manifested a mere idea into a wonderful reality. Thank you all!

Photography Leader: Charisse Fung

Hulo! My name is Charisse (the ‘Ch’ is pronounced like ‘K’) and I’m the Photographer Leader at Chiaroscuro. Right now I’m in my third year of Criticism and Curatorial Practices, but I love creating and working with my hands; my work currently involves photography, sculpture, as well as drawing/painting. I’m always trying to widen my worldview by building upon my knowledge and experience in all art forms and mediums, my current interest being performance art. In my free time, I collect yellow plushies and speed-read literature of all genres – from shounen manga to young adult fiction to philosophical texts!

Content Editing Lead: Melissa Roberts

Hey, I’m the executive content editor for Chiaroscuro, OCAD’s own magazine! The content editing team reviews and edits all the articles for Chiaroscuro before we publish an issue. It’s lots of fun taking everybody’s wonderful content, smoothing it over, and bringing it all together! I’m in the Digital Futures program, but before coming to OCAD I studied linguistics at UofT, worked at an ESL school, and interned in a neurosurgery ward in Germany. I have a lot of different interests that I’d like to pursue and writing/editing is one of them, so joining Chiaroscuro was a no-brainer.

Content Creation Lead: Amoolia Kodukulla

Hola! I’m Amoolia, and I am Chiaroscuro’s social media content creator. My major is Graphic Design and I am minoring in Material Art and Design. I am punny and can be very lame sometimes. I love philosophy, dance, music and painting and I’m a huge bibliophile. A quote that I live by is “It seems, in fact, as though the second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing, but the habits he has accumulated during the first half.” Dostoevsky. Live it up peeps!

Graphic Design Lead: Kelly Lin

Hello! I’m Kelly and I’m Chiaroscuro’s graphic design team leader! I’m in the class of 2021, I was born January 4th, 1999, and I’ve grown up mainly in Toronto, Ontario. I’m majoring in graphic design and I have no minor as of now. I’m patient with an eye for detail. I have always loved the idea of combining several ideas and values into one image. I’m passionate about being able to express distinct personalities through the usage of graphic elements to create compositions that encompass qualities of groups and individuals.

Interview Lead: Zoë Roiati

Hi! I’m Zoë, and I’m Chiaroscuro’s executive interviewer. I’m in the class of  2021, and I was born in February of 1999. I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I’m majoring in Life Studies and minoring in Wearable Technology. I have a bubbly personality, I love working with people and I enjoy learning about people’s lives. My passion is to connect with people on a personal level. I really like understanding how artists feel when it comes to creating their artwork, hence why I’m a part of the interviewing crew.