Many Hats

Zoe: Who are you as a student at OCAD? Tell us your year, program and what are your interests. Kais: My name is Kais, and I’m a third year Drawing and Painting student at OCAD. I’ve always been interested in traditional painting and drawing techniques from old masters. My interests have naturally grown. I’m also … Continue reading Many Hats

An Overlooked Resource

Every ten years there’s some drama or some crisis. As I was doing research on the school, every article seemed to start with the phrase “The recent drama at OCAD/OCA has abided and we’re looking to a new direction….”

Shannon Leigh

After graduating OCAD, Shannon discovered a new perspective on abstraction, different from her time here. Going beyond simply using Escapism in her paintings, Shannon lives it through her process, a constant dreamer and observer of reality. I navigated through your website, in the “About” section of it. I wanted to get a little deeper into … Continue reading Shannon Leigh

Henry Chikoti

Originally from Zambia, Henry is a focused and self-driven individual, actively taking the opportunities and skills life grants him. After experiencing a harsh upbringing, he strives to constantly improve himself in a variety of ways and engage in numerous fields.

Arya Djenar

Arya Djenar: self-educating, ambitious, and creative. Financial lack has never stopped him from getting what he wants. Although at a turning point in his life, Arya remains clear with his life goals and values, pushing through challenges with a positive mindset. So, tell me who you are, what are you studying here at OCAD, and … Continue reading Arya Djenar