What IS Digital Futures Anyway?

What do you picture when you hear the words “digital future”?   Flying cars and jetpacks? Holograms and super computers? The term is ambiguous, describing impending developments in a field that encompasses many other fields. Technology and all that is digital has seeped into medicine, architecture, manufacturing, entertainment, and education. So, how can you define “digital … Continue reading What IS Digital Futures Anyway?

Exciting Changes Ahead: Nataly Kais

Just a few days ago, Nataly Kais announced she will be running for International Student Representative in OCADU's By-Elections. Chiaroscuro is excited to support her, because we feel that she will effectively represent students' needs. Nataly is a Digital Painting and Expanded Animation major that is very passionate about student matters, especially when it comes … Continue reading Exciting Changes Ahead: Nataly Kais

Lvl Up

This past 4th of April marks another year for the exciting Level Up Showcase. The free public event highlights the game development skills of many talented university students in Ontario. This year’s showcase included games made in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), motion sensing, and more! Taking place annually in downtown Toronto, the Level … Continue reading Lvl Up