The Flip Side

Q: Besides particular tasks that you went in knowing that you had to do, what did you do in your position? How did you occupy your time?  A: I would meet with the Sustainability Coordinator at ODESI. I went to a retreat at Roberto’s Farmhouse... I was briefed, and a little bit engaged in all … Continue reading The Flip Side

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Q: Can you say a little bit about yourselves as students?  Gino: I’m Gino, I’m in ID (Industrial Design), in like 6th year, I think. In thesis. I’m Director of Campaigns here, even though “director” sounds weird. I hate that term, but I take care of the campaigns and advocacy work at the SU. All … Continue reading Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Many Hats

Zoe: Who are you as a student at OCAD? Tell us your year, program and what are your interests. Kais: My name is Kais, and I’m a third year Drawing and Painting student at OCAD. I’ve always been interested in traditional painting and drawing techniques from old masters. My interests have naturally grown. I’m also … Continue reading Many Hats

There’s no SU without U

Arguably the most important aspect of the SU isn’t the structure or their successes, but you. You, a student at OCAD, are a vital part of the SU, and without you, the SU can’t reach their full potential. You might be thinking, “Um, I’m pretty sure the actual members of the SU are more important than I am”, but we would challenge that. You ARE a member of the SU. Every student is.

Unwanted Advances

We’ve talked before. There are specific issues you want to address that emerged from others’ experiences and your own. As far as I remember, you’re also making work about them. Could you explain them, and how you plan to address them through your work? I’m currently working on my thesis project with a topic about … Continue reading Unwanted Advances

Course Selection Chaos

Course Availability Based on our sources, the most common courses that students have difficulty getting into are Science/Tech/Mathematics (SCTM) and Drawing & Painting (DRPT). The school recently opened up another section of Advanced Studio in the summer, which combats some of the concerns regarding Drawing & Painting courses. Insufficient course sections to accommodate student demand … Continue reading Course Selection Chaos