Mike’s Projects

Anthem: Javelin - Storm "So these are of a Javelin suit for the upcoming game Anthem (by BioWare). It featured armored digitigrade stilts,putting the wearer at about 7’5”. I was project manager and lead builder for this suit, but it was definitely a team effort so credit goes to Henchmen Studios as the actual company … Continue reading Mike’s Projects

GROWING UP: Chiaroscuro Edition

Attention artists, creators, and innovators! Our community remains relevant and connected through support and interest in the work of everyone involved. It’s undeniably important to keep yourself informed on what’s being produced and put forth by your fellow creative professionals. Don’t worry, Chiaroscuro’s done all the work for you! Unfortunately, art and design students are … Continue reading GROWING UP: Chiaroscuro Edition

Who Run the World?

We heard all this talk about National Women’s day on March 8th, and wanted to take a bite for ourselves at all this hoopla. To be honest, it’s less hoopla and more a party. It’s essentially a day of acceptance of women in whatever job or choice they make in life because it turns out women are pretty great, and deserve at least a day to show how far they’ve come to equalize the playing field.

Created By Themselves, For Themselves, Against All Odds

Black History Month has come and gone once again. Such an important time especially in this political climate, yet talked about very little. It’s incredible the transformation that this commemoration has gone through. From being a week long event to remember slavery in the early 1900s to being a month long celebration, it reminds us … Continue reading Created By Themselves, For Themselves, Against All Odds