I had scheduled an after-class meeting with this professor, and my intention was to get a clearer explanation of why I was given a specific mark for previous week’s assignment. We sat down and I looked for the works in my computer, but all I could find was a big PDF file with a side-by-side … Continue reading Narrative


When I got to OCAD I sort of had the understanding that the University would allow me to navigate myself in this sort of art-space, to sort of help heighten my ability to understand how to create work, and be inside and entrenched in the art community. However, from my experiences, I’ve learnt that it … Continue reading Anonymous

Thesis Student Advice and Experiences

1. Sevan Ichkhanian Major: Photography Instagram: @sevanichkhanian Think of what you’ve experienced these past years. What advice would you give to newer students? Don’t be afraid to speak your voice through your work!!! Remember that art is subjective and not everyone is going to necessarily like or understand the message you’re trying to convey, but … Continue reading Thesis Student Advice and Experiences