Featured Work: Tyrone Davidson

The small piece is my first bronze work; it's a little over an inch tall and it's a figurine of a 'Fiend' from the Witcher 3 video game. The sculpture was cast in the jewelry studio and is finished with liver of sulfur to get that classic bronze look. The second sculpture is my first full-scale … Continue reading Featured Work: Tyrone Davidson

The Flip Side

Q: Besides particular tasks that you went in knowing that you had to do, what did you do in your position? How did you occupy your time?  A: I would meet with the Sustainability Coordinator at ODESI. I went to a retreat at Roberto’s Farmhouse... I was briefed, and a little bit engaged in all … Continue reading The Flip Side

Many Hats

Zoe: Who are you as a student at OCAD? Tell us your year, program and what are your interests. Kais: My name is Kais, and I’m a third year Drawing and Painting student at OCAD. I’ve always been interested in traditional painting and drawing techniques from old masters. My interests have naturally grown. I’m also … Continue reading Many Hats