About Us

Chiaroscuro – effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

The last time you heard this term, you may have been sitting in your first-year art history lecture. Probably drifting off after your third all-nighter of the week, or drinking coffee to make it through. The term however, doesn’t just hold significance in the context of dramatic baroque oil paintings. Symbolism showing the contrast between dramatic light and shadow holds a much more significant place in understanding media, life, and the human condition.

The goal of this fashion and editorial publication is to show the work of students and highlight the achievements of our community, as well as criticize, question and find solutions to the issues we are having in our school environment. We wish for readers to understand the contexts behind every decision we make, down to every punctuation mark — as analysis and reflection of our community — whether it be the literary style of our writers, the issues we choose to discuss, or the background of the models we choose to present. Full transparency. We want readers to understand our intent, our various backgrounds, and our passion for this project the best they can.

By showing the light and the dark of the environment we study in and the people we study with, we can further understand the complex aspects of life and appreciate people at their best and at their worst.