The small piece is my first bronze work; it’s a little over an inch tall and it’s a figurine of a ‘Fiend’ from the Witcher 3 video game. The sculpture was cast in the jewelry studio and is finished with liver of sulfur to get that classic bronze look.

The second sculpture is my first full-scale piece, the idea was a Phoenix, it depicts the animal at the end of its life bursting into flames to be reborn.

The third piece is my latest piece and my most ambitious. The sculpture is a suit of armor made for mother nature, the chest was made using an organic burnout method. All the leaves and plant matter is real and was burnt out in the casting process. The skull was 3D printed and the antlers were molded and cast from the collection of a local hunter. I chose aluminum for this piece because of the scale, but more importantly, liquid aluminum is high viscosity and flows better into all the fine details of the sculpture. Currently, the piece is half done with plans to add a rib cage-like structure to the back, attaching both the chest piece and the mask.