Creative City Campus is the name of a project that involves both new construction and renovation at OCAD. Construction of the expansion is scheduled to start early 2020 and finish 2022, and renovations have already started. They will continue in May in the fabrication studios, Drawing and Painting studios, and the rooftop of 100 McCaul.

This is of immediate importance to all students, because construction will affect those graduating in 2020 and later, and the new spaces will be accessible to those graduating 2022 and later.

This is the current timeline:

There are at least two objectives for students to focus on: making sure construction doesn’t disrupt their classes and their access to courses, and helping make the new spaces better. Previous renovation at the George Reid wing required the relocation of Mouldmaking to 100 McCaul and the closure of the bronze and aluminum foundry for the Winter semester.

By February, the CCC team should know exactly what will be affected by upcoming construction.

This could mean the relocation or temporary closure of spaces, as happened with the George Reid wing.

Ceramics, which is located there, had issues during construction and sent out a letter that got the them figured out. The best and most helpful way to go is to send an e-mail to, which is continuously checked by three people.

Any suggestions or complaints should be made ASAP!

CCC Steering Committee meetings are monthly, but communication is ongoing. There is time, and there are opportunities for things to be discussed, but the sooner any comments reach them, the better.

For now, any input is valuable!

At any time, the e-mail to direct your questions, suggestions, ideas and concerns to is

With regards to the communication process, Joanne Frisch, Director of Campus Planning and Projects, has sent the following:

“A project of this scale has potential to impact the university in a significant way.  The Campus Planning and Projects Unit and CCC team is dedicated to completing the project to expand and improve the student experience and the studio based learning environment.  Realizing that it is a complex, multi-phase project, thorough and clear communication is essential. We sincerely want to work with the community so that information is available as required, feedback is collected and responded to, and disruption due to construction is minimized.  Updates will continue to be shared regularly through multiple communication channels. At any point for questions, comments and concerns, please e-mail We look forward to continuing to build this very exciting project with you!”

As information becomes available, Chiaroscuro will do its best to compile it and put it out, so expect updates.

Article by the wonderful and ambitious Sebastián Rodrìguez Vasti