Course Availability

Based on our sources, the most common courses that students have difficulty getting into are Science/Tech/Mathematics (SCTM) and Drawing & Painting (DRPT). The school recently opened up another section of Advanced Studio in the summer, which combats some of the concerns regarding Drawing & Painting courses. Insufficient course sections to accommodate student demand constitutes an ongoing problem at OCAD, and part of the reason is not having enough faculty. While there’s no easy solution, since employing more professors involves budgeting issues we aren’t privy to, it is an issue worth noting.

Other Course-Related Concerns

A notable obstacle in course registration is technical issues. Students have cited greyed out “Register” buttons, glitches where their schedules are cleared after registering, and more. Registering is a time-sensitive process, as courses fill up quickly. The technical issues from the My OCADU Records page greatly interfere with the registration process, ultimately delaying or inhibiting students’ registration as course availabilities drop.

Furthermore, students are unable to identify which services or resources they should contact with course or registration related issues. They often turn to Facebook groups to find answers for their questions. The most common questions they have include who they can contact at the school, the maximum number of credits they can take, and their details about their registration time. Though OCAD does provide academic advising, they could improve access to it.