It is that time of the year again. Tombs and bones and princesses and drones. For us commoners, it is a celebration of the undead and a time of scary sweetness. Our tale today is one of our age, cosplayers.
Sometimes, more often than not, people see cosplay as a method of self-expression. Although this is true, what a lot of people leave out is that how they view cosplay reveals more of themselves than it does of the cosplayer. I will expand on this. First of all, I am not a cosplayer, but this Nuit Blanche 2018 I went out dressed up in a polymorph panda mask just for the fun of it. The mask itself did not belong to any genre, therefore should not hold any meaning. All it did was conceal my identity (in a very cool and cute way). This is where the fun started. There were people that walked around me, stared with a suspicious eye, yelled “OH MY GOD, A PANDA!”, and there was the “OH MY GOD! CAN I GET A PICTURE!?” , “Cool mask bro, I like your helmet,” and warm smiles. I can’t help but wonder, don’t these first responses say something directly about you as a viewer? These first responses come about very naturally when we suddenly see something unfamiliar or out of context. That instant, we make a positive or negative association: we see a polymorph panda mask that is so unique for each person, yet so close to the truth that it’s somehow magical.
Happy Halloween Everybody.  

— Howeson Lu