Anthem: Javelin – Storm

“So these are of a Javelin suit for the upcoming game Anthem (by BioWare). It featured armored digitigrade stilts,putting the wearer at about 7’5”. I was project manager and lead builder for this suit, but it was definitely a team effort so credit goes to Henchmen Studios as the actual company who made it.”

Henchmen Studios: Overwatch Tracer Pistol

“A pistol miscast from Henchmen Studios (Overwatch Tracer) which I turned into my own design.”

Power Armour Helmet

“Power armor helmet, inspired from fallout 3, but my original design.”

Fallout 3: Plasma Rifle

Alien: Covenant, Pacific Rim 2, and Thor: Ragnarok Props

“Some pictures from Alien: Covenant, Pacific Rim 2, and Thor: Ragnarok showing things I worked on building (control panels, guns, APC’s, etc.)…”

—Although these shots have been publicly released, all credits go to the various studios for these images.—

Additional Creations