We present to you the star of our Halloween edition!

Mike Cameron is the founder of Unorthodox Designa fabrication and design brand focusing on movie props, armor, cosplay builds, industrial design, and fabrication.

Mike is also an Industrial Design alumni of OCAD.

Unorthodox Design has worked on numerous movies (one of which was Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok), exhibitions, productions, and game development projects.

In our photos here he is showcasing his Fallout-inspired “Orkish Raider” design.

Watch the video below to find out more about his amazing experiences in the world outside OCAD.

To see more of Mike’s works, click here.

Interview by Zoe Roiati

Photography by Ian Keeler

Make up by Amanda Lam

Video by Amoolia Kadukulla, Charisse Fung

LOGO Animation by Nataly Kais