OCADU is filled with people other places will call strange. Look at the person beside you. Now shake their hand. For the next four years you will be making friends like them. At OCAD, we embrace that.
— OCADU Professor
OCADU has developed quite a variety of different reputations over the years, varying from “the best of the best” to “expending its previous glory”. For some, it is considered mythical. Some of us walked in here not even sure what to expect. Many of us may have feared the change while others embraced it and began to form a new self. For us at Chiaroscuro, we asked ourselves: what and how did the school transform you as a creator, craftsperson, designer, artist, and more importantly, as an individual? So for this issue, we interviewed some talented students from our school and shared their experience here at OCAD University.
In an attempt to showcase the different sides of OCAD, we dove into the diversity of our subjects’ backgrounds, personalities and styles.
Naoya Takahashi: Cool and collected, Naoya Takahashi is a second-year Industrial Design student. He has a unique aesthetic reflective of his distinctive east-meets-west background.
Mika Treszczynski: Proving that following your passion cures the biggest fears. As the Jewelry Design student put her faith into OCADU, she found joy that she dreaded she’d never find.
Adepa Foriwaa: This vibrant entrepreneur self-motivates herself to resolve any conflict that comes her way. She grinds to learn about her craft, but stays grounded to expand her ability and knowledge to help others as well.
Austin Karner: A talented, knowledge hungry ID major tells how OCAD brings him culture, hard work, and maybe even his own super power.
Anonymous: Smart, strong willed and slightly neurotic, this first-year advertising student has nothing in mind but absolute victory. And nothing will stop her in the mission for success.