An Overlooked Resource

Every ten years there’s some drama or some crisis. As I was doing research on the school, every article seemed to start with the phrase “The recent drama at OCAD/OCA has abided and we’re looking to a new direction….”

Unwanted Advances

We’ve talked before. There are specific issues you want to address that emerged from others’ experiences and your own. As far as I remember, you’re also making work about them. Could you explain them, and how you plan to address them through your work? I’m currently working on my thesis project with a topic about … Continue reading Unwanted Advances

Course Selection Chaos

Course Availability Based on our sources, the most common courses that students have difficulty getting into are Science/Tech/Mathematics (SCTM) and Drawing & Painting (DRPT). The school recently opened up another section of Advanced Studio in the summer, which combats some of the concerns regarding Drawing & Painting courses. Insufficient course sections to accommodate student demand … Continue reading Course Selection Chaos

Shannon Leigh

After graduating OCAD, Shannon discovered a new perspective on abstraction, different from her time here. Going beyond simply using Escapism in her paintings, Shannon lives it through her process, a constant dreamer and observer of reality. I navigated through your website, in the “About” section of it. I wanted to get a little deeper into … Continue reading Shannon Leigh